Friday, July 31, 2009


Ah to be a first time mom. Holy crap! That about sums up most woman's reaction. (I appologize now for bad grammar and even worse spelling!)

With this blog Life as "Mom" I hope to give some insight to the masses... well not really. I hope that first time, second time, even moms several times over can come here and say "Thank you! Finally someone said it! How I feel" There is just to much "its worth it" and "The best thing in life is to be a mom" out there. It puts to much pressure on those of us who firstly don't identify themselves by how many kids they have, and secondly don't feel that they are particularly natural at being a mom.

Now about me. I am in my late 20's. I have one child. His name is Elliott, and he is almost 6 months old as I write this. My husband and I where told that our chances of having a child where dwindling by the month because of an ongoing chronic medical condition I am still to this day battling. We knew we wanted A child, but where not completely sure we where ready. But we didn't want to miss our chance so decided to go for it anyway.
I got pregnant first try (poor husband) and my pregnancy was normal. I had a little scare at around 25 weeks, but other then that normal. My labor was NOT normal. Starting with my water breaking 4 days before I actually gave birth. Finding out after 12 hours of "the drip" that I cannot and will never be able to give birth vaginally, to having to be put completely under for my csection due to the spinal not working. Eight hours after he was born I finally got to meet him! Things have been pretty typical since then.
Through my pregnancy I was and still am a member of a group of women who all had a due date in Jan. 09 We have all become close over the year and a bit that we have been talking. They have inspired me to do this blog actually. Every time I admitted something I thought was "terrible" to them, they all came back with, "Me too, me too! Thank you for bringing this up!" Which lead me to thinking.... why, as mothers are we so afraid to be HUMAN?
In this blog I also want to do some product review of neat things I find and share solutions I come across from the group, and just from other mothers I know. So here's hoping that this is worth my time to even just