Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dizzy Dizzy Baby

Elliott had to have a CT scan on his head today. His head is off the charts huge and he fits into a 2T-4T hat already. Both our normal doctor and pediatrician are not really concerned that there is a problem. They both agreed that a scan should be done in case its that size because of extra fluid or growths. My family doctor says he thinks Elliott has a case of big-head-itis due to his parents having huge heads. Well I have a big head that is for sure, and some of Chris' sibblings have larger heads too... so its no surprise his turned out so big. Yep, still not crawling or walking!
So today we went for the scan. They had to put him to sleep for the scan to keep him still. They give him gas through a mask. He was under less then five minutes. The nurse took him away and then brought him back all loopy. He was swaying his head and upper body in circles. The whole waiting room got a kick out of it.
He is a little off today, finding almost everything funny. Other then that he is doing fine!
We find out the results next week. We are not worried, but glad that our doctors are being proactive.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wow! Its like he's a little person!

Any parent of a laid back child will probably be able to relate to this post.
Elliott has always been a laid back observer. He doesn't want to be the center of attention, doesn't want to be fussed over. He just wants to do his own thing. Frankly its BORING! HA! But the last few weeks Elliott personality has been blossoming. He claps, he squeals, he show preference for toys, or objects. He has a sense of humor. He is finally getting out of that baby blob stage. NO he is STILL not walking or crawling. He does LOVE standing, but can't pull himself up. He is just a million times more fun then he has ever been.
Its kind of a relief really. You never want to think poorly of your child, but you can't help feel insecure when your baby is sitting back watching all the action and everyone else child is all over the place being little characters.
Both Chris and I know that Elliott is very smart. He needs to think everything out before he takes action on it. This includes new objects you give him. He needs to spend a few minutes examining it before he starts playing with it. Its cute to watch really. I hope this behavior of being thoughtful continues!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Mother Knows Best"

Christmas celebrations have come and gone. I must say it was very anticlimactic, but I am sure in the years to follow Elliott will enjoy it more.
This was the first family gathering that I actually felt like I was Elliott's mom. As mentioned in previous posts Elliott is not a big fan of being held and snuggled endlessly by me and his father, let alone other family members. So Christmas "morning" came (we did it in the afternoon) and I plopped Elliott down in the middle of the floor and there he stayed. Relatives sat with him and talked and stuff but he wasn't held by anyone. He lasted a lot longer then either Chris or I thought he would.
Normally if it was just one side of the family or another visiting he would be passed around like a doll from relative to relative until he was uber grumpy and had to be "rescued" by Chris or I.
Because it was both sides of our family I think no one wanted to "hog" him. It worked out better this way anyways.
I also felt more like a mom because I put my foot down about Christmas. I told both sides that we would not be driving all over the city, in a rush, from house to house to make sure we got to see everyone. We instead had our very first Christmas morning as a family, and invited everyone else over for coffee, goodies, and present opening in the afternoon. It was great. I can't say everyone was happy about it, but Chris and I where, and ultimately so was Elliott.