Sunday, June 27, 2010

My son walks better then I do, and he is chatty about it too!

Elliott has been furniture surfing since april. I had perfect timing with breaking my leg and not being allowed to walk on it. A few weeks after I broke it, while still laid up, he started walking. WOW can he ever motor.
Well apparently no on told him gravity isn't just a rule, its THE LAW! The poor guy has a million bruises, cuts, scrapes, and bumps. He wipes out so hard sometimes his head smacks off the floor before he has a chance to put his arms out.
He also has started talking a lot more, his favorite being a very enthusiastic HI! whenever someone comes into a room or he comes into a room. He also uses his "hi" first thing in the morning instead of crying when he wakes up. We hear his little chipmunk voice from his room "HI! Mom? Mom? Mum, mum, mum... HI? HIYEEEE? Dad? DAAAAD? Dad! HI!" He figured out after after a few days that mom never comes because of her broken leg so now he just calls for dad. But both Chris and I cant help but smile in the morning to this.
His second favorite word is Yum! But its more Um. Anything he eats that he likes every mouthful is followed up by a muffled UM! We also find this very cute.
Now because I am not very mobile I am getting super frustrated with is little grabby hands and that fact he is now mobile, and smart enough to block me when I am trying to do something he doesn't like, like take something away from him, or change his diaper.
I can't help but feel I am missing out on something not being able to be as active with him as I would like. I had bought him a bunch of summer clothes, hats, sandles, for out door adventuring. I had planned on putting a garden in this year, and introducing him to dirt and bugs while weeding in the garden. All of that went out the window.
I will have a screw in my leg until the end of September. I can start walking this coming friday, but wont be able to do as much as I want to at first. I will however be taking Elliott for a few walks a day if the weather is nice to rebuild my lost muscle in my leg. I am excited to get him outside and in his wagon he got for his birthday and has yet to use. I wont be running around with him at the park, on the play structures like I wanted. But we will see, we will just have to make fall and winter all that more special.
I am really enjoying this age, and his little personality that is coming out.

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