Thursday, April 22, 2010

The mighty adventurer!

Elliott has become an excellent furniture surfer. He did half a lap around the living room and kitchen the other day. Now that he is able to go adventuring he is a very busy little boy.
Only a toddler, a new one at that, can make the most impeccable house seem dirty. They seem to find every little piece of lint, scrap of paper, or otherwise. Lucky for me he still finds novelty in giving what ever he finds to me.
Its endlessly amusing to me to watch him find enjoyment in the weirdest things. We have toys strewn all over the house, yet the pop box, dog kennel, and lint roller are his favorite things to play with.
He also has a big love for music. Its about the only time he pays attention to the T.V. is when there is music or singing on.
I must admit I am really enjoying this stage of his life!

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