Sunday, April 18, 2010

No news is good news and Long time no blog.

Life has been hectic the last couple months. My grandmother is battling cancer and is doing well, but the radiation she received is doing a number on her brain.
We got the results of the CT scan and it looks like we have to see a specialist because two of Elliott's cranial plates have fused prematurely. Its probably not a big deal, but we have been referred to a neuro surgeon. I called his office a few weeks after the result and was told that depending on the severity of the case we should expect a call for consultation in the next 6 months! WTF? Um okay... So its been a few months and Chris and I are trying to look at it as a good thing. The surgery he would need is a button hole surgery and is pretty straight forward.
Elliott's head has been the same measurement since 9 months, so that's a great thing! He has also been an extremely busy boy. He STILL does not crawl on all fours. He prefers the sit and pull myself around with my arms method. It works great for our hard floors, but you get him on carpet and he gets frustrated.
Just this last week he pulled himself up on his slide grandma and grandpa got him for his birthday! He looked soooooo proud! The last few days he has finally figured out furniture surfing. For several weeks now he walks holding on to our fingers for support.
The little guy is doing exactly what the doctor said he would do, a bunch of things all at once, skipping steps along the way to catch up with other kids his age.

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